This is something I’m concerned about. We live in a time of clashes.
Somebody is wrong on the internet.
Native vs web.
io vs node.
virtual DOM vs DOM.
app vs. website.
sass vs. CSS.
angular vs. react.
gulp vs. grunt.
Düsseldorf vs. Köln, oh no that’s a very old one.
I’m getting tired of this. The discussions always end in the same ways. Maybe I am just a tainted, grumpy, and old coder.

Back in the days, web developers were innovators. We didn’t do something that requires to run on 5 different abstractions. We had no clue what browsers did, how they worked. We used what we had and hacked around the problems.
Things like sliding doors, CSS sprites, FIR, and other image replacement techniques after that, clearfix, etc.
All these techniques were aimed at creating better user interfaces. Nowadays we don’t care so much about the users anymore. We cared about the web as an infrastructure. Today we think we have to compete with native apps.

We know how browsers work these days.
A lot of the innovation happens in the open.
JavaScript is server and client side now. Do you know everything about how to run the client and the server just because you know JavaScript?
Mobile treats content and technology as 2nd class. They just want to sell devices.

We don’t demand the important basic things from browsers. Like the ability to style a <select>.
As modern developers we need, task runners, pre-processors, package managers, MVC frameworks, unit tests, etc.

Everybody talks about code, not about design or good content. Everything needs to be in a new technology.
Everybody needs to learn to code. Governments try to keep up, they missed the internet as a platform.

Coding is like a brick. It’s a tool. We need to have an idea first and then find the right code, the right type of brick, not the other way around.
To me code was always writing. WordPress is amazing, it enables a regular user – like his sister – to maintain a website.
My twitter handle is @codepo8 at purpose. I’ve always thought of coding as poetry.

We need this interface because I like this tab control. but was that the best solution? well I like it, so now I need to use it right?

We don’t empower people to be creators anymore. We stopped saying you do this five things and let them see that it works in a browser.
The next generation of developers wont start with the web.
We super-sized the web. The average page is 2mb.
That’s why I started at Microsoft, I want to reach the people who need to work with CMSs.

We need to change and adapt. We are talking to the wrong people. Lets face some commercial fact. the web isn’t the cool stuff to make money on anymore. First things companies now build is an iOS app. On the web i don’t know who my end users are.
For the new generation the web is just there. People now expect internet to just be there, like electricity.
In the 50’s people created great stuff that wouldn’t break. That was great, but it means they would only sell it once.
You want this content, you need to be on iOS or need to be in country x.  The web has been taken over by vendors who lock-in.
Somebody gave me a Tizen watch, because it was open and he knew I was into that. But then it seems it can only syncs with a Samsung phone. So I had to buy that to use my watch.

We’re trying to compete with a marked designed to be short-lived. Developer tools in browsers are outstanding. Browsers offer features we dreamed of in the passed (canvas, web audio, animations, filters)
Edge is the end of the: “we need to support IE argument”.
We have services that show how fast your site is, like
Cross-platform tooling. manifold.js allows you to create native apps.
Microsoft implements adobe CSS blend, Google implements Microsoft pointer events, etc.

Remake of old C64 game We have much better tooling. Experience. Shared trickery and knowledge. lots of shits given.

Excellence = (talent + effort +  tools) * shit given.

A friend of me always tells me, when I’m upset about something or the other: “You’re angry and this obviously annoys you… so what are you going to do about it?”
No victim blaming, but stop finding problems or solutions. I started doing that and I’m so much happier about it. It’s up to you to find happiness for yourself, or burn yourself up trying to compete.